About us

A great passion for Pisco transmitted by his ancestors who migrated from Italy to the coast of Peru in the early twentieth century and more than 35 years of experience in distillation processes led Mr. Cesar Fontana to create and develop a high-quality handmade Pisco which he named “Fontana” as a semblance of love to his family. We begin to distill our first piscos back in the year 2005.

Our signature Pisco-making process begins with pure water sourced from the high peaks of the Andes Mountains and the nutrient-rich soils that nourishes Peru’s fertile Mala valley where our Pisco grape grows. The best grapes are carefully selected by our vine masters and gently transported by our non-stress, gravity-fed system to our cellar to ensure quality. We remain faithful to our Pisco-making legacy distilling small batches of our Pisco grape by hand in refined, Portuguese copper stills.

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